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VPS Hosting

Whatever you need your vps for we can help to make it work, Game server maybe? your own minecraft server, Cod4 server with custom maps?

Game Servers

OGP is a game server control panel. You can install over 100 game servers from this panel. Direct control from a website to start - stop - modify your game server.

Web hosting questions and answers.

Q. What happens if I miss a payment ?

A. You should get an E-mail explaining there has been a problem and a payment is overdue, We'll make every effort to contact you to resolve the issue before your website is suspended.

Q. Can You help me to build my website ?

A. We can guide you in using Sitepad to build your website, you will have to provide the actual content and we'll help you get started.

Q. My website is slow, how do I make it faster ?

A. Open a support ticket and we'll check things out, If it's a server issue we can fix it straightaway. If the problem is with an item on your site we can advise or help you to fix it.

Q. How do I make sure my site is good for SEO ?

A. There's a huge source of websites that can help with this. By far the best is Ubersuggest as the tools and tutorials available beat any others. We can help with this as well.

Q. Is there a backup of my website in case it goes wrong ?

A. All of our plans include free daily backups, if anything goes wrong you can restore it yourself, or open a support ticket and we'll happily help.